Fries – A Local Favorite In Lawrence Kansas

Although potatoes are vegetables that have enjoyed being a staple at the dinner table for hundreds of years, they are also vegetables that are highly misunderstood. Potatoes have origins in Peru, and are cultivated in both the United States and Europe. However, did you know they are a local favorite in Lawrence, Kansas?

The pubs and restaurants in Lawrence, like others across the United States, can’t imagine not serving this culinary favorite. So, if you ever find yourself in Lawrence, check out some of the popular hot spots to eat this potassium-rich, equal opportunity food.

Ad Astra Food Truck

This food truck is known in Downtown Lawrence for not only serving delicious street food, but also giving away their fries. However, the most talked about part of their dishes, besides the fries, is the whole grain mustard sauce.

The sauce is homemade, and is made from whole mustard seeds that are bloomed in brown sugar, Ad Astra Beer and honey. The mustard seeds with other grain mustard to create the sauce.

The fries require a two day process in order to become perfect. The potatoes are blanched for a minutes for 10 minutes at a temperature of 300 degrees. They are snap chilled, and then fried very quickly at a hotter temperature.

Dempsey’s Irish Pub

Located on Vermont Street, this pub pays homage to this root vegetable with some drool worthy fries. It can be challenging to eat these fries slowly enough so you can savor every bite.

The pub serves several varieties of fries including:

Truffle oil
Parm and parsley
Fire fries
Sweet potato fries

These fries are affordable, allergy-friendly and vegan-friendly.

Free Street Brewery

Located on Massachusetts Street, this establishment puts the ‘chips’ in every fish and chip plate. This pub has been knocking it out of the park with their street food, especially the fries.

Enjoy the fried tubers with in-house sauces, ketchup, tartar sauce or malt vinegar. It does not matter the time of day, these fries are always perfectly crisp, hot and a great choice.

Terrebone Po’Boys

This establishment has a casual Cajun cuisine, and this also extends into their medium thick, crispy fries with the soft and warm interior. Keep in mind, the restaurant is smaller than others in comparison, so you may have to wait on a table or booth. However, there are usually patio seating available. If you are looking for a taste of New Orleans while you are in Lawrence, you must add this pub to your list.

These are some of the places in Lawrence, Kansas where you can enjoy your favorite side dish. Enjoy your foodie experience while you are visiting.